Chandler Grove Neighborhood Pool

Community Pool

The pool is open daily 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. from May through September. A key card is required to get in and you may use the same card as last year. Lost and additional cards may be purchased from our management company, GW Associates - contact Sheri Black at Please don’t let neighbors in when they forgot their key - many rely upon your good nature to gain access to the pool since their keys have been deactivated for non-payment of dues, fines or late fees.

Pool Rules

1. The pool is for the exclusive use of homeowners and their guests. 2. Homeowners are responsible for the supervision and conduct of their guests.
3. Homeowners Association dues must be paid in full to allow access to pool area. 4. The gate to the pool area is to remain closed and locked at all times and is not to be propped open or otherwise left unsecured.
5. Do not open the pool gate to let in unsupervised children or guests. 6. Persons under the age of 14 are not permitted to use the pool unless accompanied by an adult 18 or older.
7. Persons wishing to enter the pool must take a cleansing shower. 8. Persons wishing to enter the pool must wear a swimming suit. Cut-offs, t-shirts, or street clothing is not allowed. Babies must wear a snug diaper, rubber pants, and a swim suit.
9. No person under the influence of alcohol, and/or illegal drugs is allowed in the pool or pool deck area. 10. No person having skin lesions, sores, inflammation of the eyes, discharges from the ears or nose or any communicable disease shall be allowed to use the pool.
11. No person shall discharge bodily fluids in the pool. 12. No solo swimming.
13. No running, horseplay or unruliness in or out of the pool. 14. No glass allowed in the pool or pool deck area.
15. The pool may be used for parties. The pool must remain open for all homeowners during any party. Parties can be hosted at the pool from 10 am to 10 pm (Sunday - Saturday). 16. The pool furniture is not to be removed from the pool area. Furniture other than that provided is not to be brought into the pool area.
17. Food and drinks must be kept at least 8 feet away from the pool. 18. No animals or pets are not allowed in the pool or pool deck area.
19. Please place all trash in the provided trash containers. 20. The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the pool is 420.
21. First aid kits are located in the restrooms. 22. Immediately dial 911 in case of an emergency.
Chandler Grove Tennis Court

Community Tennis Court

Open all year round, and has lights for evening games.

Reserve your court time at Reserve My Court, access code 8615.

Chandler Grove Playground

Community Playground

The playground is open all year round for young children to enjoy.