Neighborhood Events

Anuual HOA Meeting!

Tuesday, March 13, 6:30 pm at Patrick Elem. School. At least 22 households must be present to constitute a quorum. Please plan to attend.

Neighborhood Grad Banner

We Need a Parent Volunteer for Grad Banner!!

We are looking for one parent to head this up to contact neighbors via posting on the CG google group, CG website, community e-mail blast and the CG Facebook page to ask for names and info. from parents of grads. Just send the board the “message” you want to provide for parents and we will put it out there for you.

Historically, parents of grads have worked with a sign company to produce a yearly banner. The last 2 years I volunteered to help with producing the banner. I am giving the power back to the parents!

Once we have a volunteer parent, I will hand over the art file and sign company’s contact information. The sign co. is here in Buford. I will also give that parent my contact info. for any questions they might have on producing the banner. The sign company will accept payment from our management company directly and I can give you their information for the invoice that will be sent to them for payment.

I would like to have a parent volunteer in early February if at all possible. This will give parents the time to get the message out, names compiled and banner completed. I suggest that you get your banner produced in April, as sign companies get very busy making them!

Individual student grad signs are allowed to be posted in residents’ yards only. Posting them in any of the common areas (including the front entrance) will not be permitted.

Welcome Committee

The Welcome Committee is responsible for greeting with a special gift any new homeowners that have recently moved into the neighborhood. If you are new to the community or know of someone who is, please contact the Welcome Committee here.

Buford Book Club (Grove Girls)

We have had our ladies book club for many years now. It started as a neighborhood book club, but has expanded to include ladies in Gwinnett. We have a diverse, interesting group of ladies! We meet once a month, the last week of the month. Hosts pick a day that works for them in that week. We meet at 7:00 PM. If you would like to join, please go to to join us!

Sherri Paterson

Party Committee

The Party Committee is responsible for coordinating neighborhood-sponsored events. Members work with the Committee to announce events and work with the board to secure funds required to host events. If you're interested in hosting an event, then please contact the committee here.

Yard of the Month

The finest yards in our community compete for the Yard of the Month!

Chandler Grove’s Yard of the Month program awards a $75 prize each month (May – August) in order to encourage residents to enhance and maintain their landscaping. Our goal is to recognize properties which show how clean and beautiful the community can be. Every homeowner is encouraged to participate!

1.   One home will be selected each month.
2.   A home can only win once every two years.
3.   All plants must be living. No plastic, silk, or artificial plants allowed.
4.   Homeowners must be in good standing to qualify.
5.   Votes may be sent to Yard of the Month.

2015 Winners:

April - 2390 Chandler Grove Dr.
May - 2300 Chandler Grove Dr.
June - 2626 Silver Dust Dr.
July - 3693 Southland Dr.
August - 2285 Chandler Grove Dr.
September - 2674 Gold Rust Dr.

2016 Winners:

May - 2415 Stone Willow Way
June - 2668 Iron Works Dr.
July - 2420 Chandler Grove Dr.
August - 2680 Chandler Grove Dr.

2017 Winners:

May - 3505 Mystic Dr.
June - 2651 Chandler Grove Ct.
July - 2405 Chandler Grove Dr.
August - 2606 Silver Dust Dr.