Neighborhood FAQs

When are the HOA fees due and how can I pay?

March 1st. Ways to pay can be found here.

What do the HOA fees cover?

A large part of the annual assessment pays for the maintenance of our common areas (front entrance, pool area, tennis courts, playground, green space). There are other expenses including insurance, legal fees, accounting, tax preparation and a management company handling the day-to-day operations. We set aside a portion of each year’s assessment to prevent having special assessments.

Where can I get the information about replacement mailboxes?

The original letter and order form is here.

Who do I contact if a streetlight goes out?

Jackson EMC: 770-963-6166
Or you can visit their website here.
Please note, you’ll need the number off the pole to confirm the request.

What should I do about a damaged street sign, curb, sidewalk or pothole?

Contact Gwinnett County through the citizen self service request here.

My neighbor’s dog is barking all the time. What can I do?

Before calling animal control, you must contact the dog’s owner and let them know about the issue. Gwinnett county has more information here.

Why are the Covenants and Architectural Standards important?

To be brief, resale values. Many neighborhoods today employ Covenants and Architectural restrictions to preserve the look of the community. Chandler Grove’s covenants are automatic and mandatory. Anyone who purchases a home in Chandler Grove is required to abide by the covenants, even if they never saw the documents before closing.

Aren’t satellite dishes forbidden by our Covenants?

You are correct, the Covenants state satellite dishes are forbidden. However, in 1996 (yes, our covenants were written before that) the FCC rules that it is illegal to prohibit installation of dishes less than 1 meter in diameter.

Does Chandler Grove enforce the covenants and architectural restrictions?

Yes. Anyone found in violation will be given a ten day notice to fix said violation, or a recurring fee will be introduced.

Do I need to submit an Architectural Change Request (ACR) for a roof replacement?

Yes, if you are changing the color or shade of the existing color, you will need to submit an ACR to the HOA Board. Any exterior change made to a lot or home without first submitting an ACR will result in a $50 fine and the use of the common areas will be suspended until the fine is paid.

Can I lease or rent out my home in Chandler Grove?

Our covenants have no provision against renting a home. However, we do not permit “For Rent” or “For Lease” signs to be visible on the property. There are no other restrictions around leasing or renting.

Is there a limit on the number of rental homes in Chandler Grove?


Does the HOA have any initiation or other up front fees?


Does the HOA have any approval process for new tenants?

No. However, it is recommended to send the contact information for your tenants to That way the management company knows who is at the property if they need to mail them a pool key.

What are the responsibilities of the Board of Directors?

For information specific to Chandler Grove’s Board of Directors, please see ARTICLE VIII in our by laws.

Is there a map of the neighborhood?

Yes, the map can be seen by clicking here.